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ACD Realty Corporation is a fully LICENSED, BONDED and INSURED Real Estate Company specializing in the leasing and management of single family homes, individual condominiums, and apartment buildings throughout the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. We take the hands on approach to property management, which makes us different from other firms.  Your investment is managed with the personal attention of an individual property manager backed by ACD Realty Corporation.  We will provide you with excellent service at very competitive rates.  Our philosophy we have shared for over 18 years is to provide clean, comfortable, well maintained accommodation.  This will result in excellent tenants to your property.  In short, the quality of tenants that we attract is directly proportional to the quality of accommodation offered.  We have proved this time and time again.

Since 1989, we have leased over 1200 properties.

Our services are divided into two main areas, the leasing of the property and the ongoing management.  Listed below in greater detail are the services each of these areas includes.  We are pleased to provide these services separately or combined.

Leasing of the Property (The securing of new  tenants)

Initial Evaluation of the Property:

An on-site review of your property is conducted to determine the optimum market rental rate.  In addition, we inspect the overall condition of the property to determine if any changes can be made to increase this rental rate.

Suggestion  of Possible Improvements to Maximize Rental Income:

Simple items such as a freshly cut lawn, clean  carpets, freshly painted walls, and finally what we consider the most important, cleanliness, all attract superior tenants.  If we feel improvements can be made to the  property, these are discussed in detail with the Owner.  We look at the increased rent each of these improvements would offer.  Improvements that are deemed necessary or will improve  the rental rate will be implemented after the Owner’s approval.

Implementing  Improvements at Owner's Discretion:

As we are a full service management company, we have the necessary resources available to complete a wide range of repairs and improvements at very competitive rates.  From a simple cosmetic upgrade by way of painting to a major renovation such as a new roof, we have the experience to handle the job from start to finish.  We only use proven independent contractors to undertake the work.

Placing of Appropriate Advertising:

The placement of appropriate advertising is critical to attracting the right tenant for your property.  By targeting print advertising in the right publication we are able to obtain the best results at the lowest possible cost.  Our own corporate advertising is provided at no cost to our clients, yields calls from qualified prospective tenants looking for accommodation.  A listing of these prospective tenants is maintained on our database.  In addition, many prospective tenants are referred to us from our current residents.  We find that these referrals yield very qualified tenants.  With this web site we are able to showcase the properties available for rent, complete with digital pictures and a detailed description.

Fielding of Rental Inquiries:

Time is of the essence.  Experience has shown us the best  tenants are secured within the first two weeks of the beginning of the month. In this regard, our property managers are available to field calls regarding your property from prospective tenants at any time.  In addition to providing prospective tenants with  information about your property, preliminary screening before an appointment is scheduled is also done at this time.

Showing of the Property to Qualified Prospective Tenants:

Appointments will be confirmed with only qualified  prospective tenants.  Once a tentative appointment is booked, the current tenants, if the property is occupied, will be contacted.  The appointment is then confirmed for a suitable showing time.  The prospective tenant is escorted during the viewing and at no time will an appointment take place in the absence of the property manager. During the showing, a personal interview is conducted with the prospective tenant to determine in  advance their suitability for a specific property.

Reviewing and Verifying References from Prospective Tenants:

From time to time we field calls from distressed Owners who have had troublesome tenants.  It never ceases to amaze us, the information (or lack of) that some Owners have.  We were once called to look at a property, with a view to renting the upper portion of the home.  We asked for some details about the tenants that were living below.  The only thing that the Owner knew was that his name was "Bob".  The Owner did not even know his last name or who  else was living in the lower suite. The tenant, "Bob" had paid for the first month’s rent, promised to pay a security deposit and had not paid his rent for the past two months.  We value good tenants just as you do and pride ourselves on our screening procedures.  Screening is the most important step we take prior to entering into a lease agreement.  All prospective tenants must complete our detailed "Prospective Tenant Questionnaire".  This reveals where a tenant currently lives, the duration of the current tenancy, the Agent/Owner of this property, his or her occupation, the number of people that will be residing in the property, personal information to enable a credit  report to be obtained, and questions confirming whether any residents smoke or own pets. This  information is used to determine whether this individual will be a suitable tenant.  Only if all references are positive then we will proceed to the next step.

Signing a Binding Lease Agreement:

Residential tenancies in British Columbia are governed by the Residential Tenancy Act.  This Act is very specific with respect to  terms and conditions that a lease may contain.  Every lease written by our company conforms to this Act; otherwise the term contained is not enforceable.  It is important to review the prepared lease agreement with the tenants.  We want to give the opportunity for the  tenants to clearly understand this legally binding document.  This review process also gives us a good opportunity to answer any questions and clarify any terms of the agreement.  If the Owner approves a pet, applicants with pets are required to complete a  "Pet Permission Form".  At this time a security deposit at the maximum rate allowed under the Act is obtained from the new tenants.

Preparing the Property Inspection Report:

A "Unit Condition Report" outlining the condition of the property is prepared by the property manager.  The tenant's must sign off on this report and a copy is kept on file until the end of the tenancy.

Coordinating the Tenant's Move into the Property:

It is crucial that moves out of and into a property are scheduled well in advance.  As well as being helpful to the new tenants moving into the property we must also coordinate the current tenant’s move.  For this reason moving times and any minor maintenance items, such as carpet cleaning and  general cleaning are scheduled well in advance.  On the move-in day, the tenants are instructed in the proper use of the amenities available in the property.  Tenants are supplied with emergency numbers, in the event that a problem develops after regular office hours.

 Management of the Property

Reviewing Mechanical Equipment in the Premises:

The mechanical equipment in your property is reviewed.   Heating, hot water systems, fire safety devices, and appliances are all inspected.  Model and serial numbers are recorded and filed in the event that future repairs are required.

Handling tenant relations:

Whether a simple request or a major problem we will respond quickly.  Our management agreement mandates us to make decisions based on your best interest.  Any major non-emergency problem or concerns will be discussed with you prior to taking action.

Collection and Placement of Rental Funds in a Trust Account:

As we operate under the Real Estate Services Act, all rental  monies, by law, must be placed in a trust account.  This trust account and is subject to an annual review and this review must be submitted to the  Real Estate Council of British Columbia.

Management Fees:

Vacancies are expensive for both of us.  We make every effort to keep our vacancies to a minimum. Since our job is to keep your property occupied, management fees are not charged if your property is vacant.

Payment of Disbursements Authorized by Owner:

To simplify your accounting, we can pay property taxes, mortgages, maintenance fees, and utility accounts payments as authorized by you.

Providing Owners with Monthly Financial Statements:

Every month a detailed statement is forwarded to yourself showing rental receipts collected, management fees paid, any authorized disbursements made and the net amount that has been deposited into your bank account.  Again, because of the requirements of the Real Estate Services Act all receipts and disbursements are maintained in our trust account ledgers for review.  Copies of all invoices are also kept on file.

Arranging for any Maintenance and Repairs of the Property:

Our main goal is to protect your investment.  We do this in a  number of ways.  Firstly, we try to anticipate problems before they happen.  Preventative maintenance is the key.  Our lease clearly states the responsibility of both the Owner and tenants in providing proper preventative maintenance to your property.  If the tenants has not completed this requirement, then we will correct any problems at the tenant's expense.  Maintenance that is performed on your property is handled by independent contractors.  They have been selected because of their ability to provide the best possible service at a competitive price.  For major repairs and renovations we obtain written estimates, and notify you to obtain your approval before  proceeding.  We follow up on completed work to insure the work has been properly completed.  Our management agreement clearly states a dollar value that we may spend and you reserve the right to schedule and control any or all repair and maintenance on your property if you desire.

Providing 24 hour Emergency Call Out:

Inevitably, despite following prudent maintenance procedures, emergencies do happen.  Your property manager or his designate is on call 24  hours per day.


Below we have outlined 5 steps to assist you in choosing the Property Management Company that is right for you.


1. LICENSING - Any company  that intends to deal in the leasing and management of Real Estate in British Columbia, must be licensed, bonded and insured, under the Real Estate Services Act. The Real Estate Council closely monitors the activities of all licensed Agents in the Province.  Be sure that the  Agent you are engaging is properly licensed.

2. PROFESSIONAL  DESIGNATION - Education and a Professional Designation assures you that your manager has been trained specifically in Property Management.  Your best assurance is  engaging a Certified Property Manager (CPM©) or equivalent University graduate (B.Comm).

3. EXPERIENCE - Insure that the individual has the necessary experience in your particular type of property.  The greatest number of years does not guarantee superior service, but it does demonstrate one's commitment to their profession.

4. REFERENCES - The individual and firm should be able to  provide you with written and/or verbal references.

5. FEES - Be specific with regards to fees and charges  involved.  Keep in mind that fees charged usually represents the type and quality service  you can expect.  Be concerned with fees that are too low.  The Old Saying "You get what  you pay for" is equally true when applied to Property Management.  Keep in mind that  the individual and firm you are engaging may well be managing your largest single investment.


Our current and past residents and clients are our best references.  Following are some excerpts from letters sent to our office.

"Thanks for a wonderful job."

Ross and Julieta LaLiberty, (property  Owners)

"The apartments are  kept in immaculate condition."

Jerry Robinson, (former tenant)

"Would you forward a copy of this letter to your  employers) as we would like them to know that they have very competent staff who  are caring and interested in the comfort of the tenants and keeping this building in tip-top condition."

Ellen Ong, Irene Li, (former tenants)

"I have recently sold my interest at the full listed price,  which I think is a tribute to Al's excellent property management skills . I would  describe his abilities as first rate ......."

E.N. Soane, (building Owner)

"As well, I have appreciated the  courtesy and quick response to any problems (which have been few) over the last 2 1/2  years. I would not hesitate to recommend this building to anyone wanting to live in  this area."

Sophia Sorenson, (former tenant)

"Thanks for your professional  consideration and your prompt response to our requests. We're going to miss  your pleasant and friendly manner."

Sandra Beck and Bill Jackson, (former tenants)

"We just want to let you know how much  we appreciated your courteous, professional service!  Thank you for renting our apartment  so FAST!!!

Ray and Terry (Phillips), (property owners)

"I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday (the kitchen sink fiasco). Every service person you have ever sent my way has been so pleasant and helpful, every time. Sten from universal heating was great. It amazes me. Before I lived in this suite I just thought having unpleasant landlords was the norm. And maybe it is, but you guys have really blown my expectations out of the water. You're just good people. I can't thank you enough."

Lucien Durey, (tenant)

"I have not properly thanked you for taking care of the rents and referring me to the real estate agent for timely disposition of the property.  I really appreciate all your help and attention.  It was truly a wonderful experience working with you.  I sincerely hope for the best and look forward to working with you again. Thank you very much."

Kim, Jong Soo

"I can tell you that I miss the great service that we recieved from your property management company.  The new home that we are living in is nice, but they did not even clean the carpets for us, and it was written in the lease agreement, so I feel like we went from great landlords to slum lords.  Ahh such is life."


"It was my best selection asking you to manage my property for renting.  Please continue assisting me on my future opportunities renting my properties if any."

Toru Hirano

"Thank you Al, it has always been a pleasure working with you.  Wish you were in Edmonton or Ottawa to manage our other properties."


"Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us with the move into our new place! Your generous, courteous and always helpful manner is really apreciated.  Thank you again!"

R and B Johnston

"Thanks a lot.  We're sure glad we selected you as our agent!"


"I must say that all your service guys are wonderful, friendly and efficient.  Must be an ACD thing!"


"Thank you very much for all of your efforts this year.  A fantastic job as usual."


"Thank you, Thank you!  Wouldn't the world be a better place if more people had your thinking!  We wish you the very best"

Michael, (former tenant)

"Thanks so much for your help through the years!!"

Pauline, (client since 1996)

"Al, you are a genious, a scholar and a gentleman.  That is exactly what I was looking for, it matches the wording I recall from our last template."

Paul, (property owner)

"Someone who has done some work for me on some smaller apartment buildings I own personally is Al Dodimead.  Al is outstanding and I cannot speak highly enough about him.  If you want his contact info let me know.  He has his own firm."

Malcom Leitch

If you would like  a proposal for the leasing, and/or management of your property we would be pleased to provide you with a "no obligation” quotation.  Please give us a call.

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