Accounting Only Services

Accounting Only Services

Many Strata Corporations have great support from all Owners.  With their involvement, many of the functions typically performed by a Property Management Company are undertaken by the Owners.  For these Strata Corporations we can offer “accounting only” services.

These services include the collection and deposit of monthly assessments into a separate bank account in your Strata Corporation’s name.  We try to have this set up on a direct deposit basis so timely deposits of funds are received.  For any Owners that are delinquent, we would follow up with collection letters.  Cheques for payments of all invoices and on going expenses are prepared on a monthly basis for the Council’s approval.  Operating statements are prepared monthly in addition to an annual budget for the Strata Corporation.  The benefit of “Accounting Only Services” is that costs are lower than partial or full management services.

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