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2208A Spruce St
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6H 2P3

Meet the Team

Al C. Dodimead, CPM (Retired)

Managing Broker, Sales, Strata, and Rental Management

Al obtained his Brokers License in 1989 and opened ACD Realty Corporation in the same year.  In 1995, Al obtained his Certified Property Manager’s Designation granted by the Real Estate Institute of Canada.  During his spare time Al is an avid fisherman, although his wife would disagree how many fish he really catches.  Al devotes his volunteer time as a committee member with the McDonalds Challenger Celebrity Golf Classic which is held every year in June.  The tournament raises funds for the Little League Challenger® Division which caters to children with cognitive or physical disabilities and provides them with the opportunity to participate in Little League, just as many of us had the chance to do.  Al is also a lover of English sports cars and enjoys tinkering on his old Triumph TR250.

Bill Malkin, B Comm. UBC (Retired)

Licensed Representative, Sales, Strata, and Rental Management

Bill joined ACD Realty in 1994 and came with a background in real estate sales and property management.  He has been licensed since 1984.  In his spare time, he enjoys weekends and summer retreats to his home on Bowen Island.  Not many people know, but Bill is an avid car collector and has developed a nice collection of older Volvos.  We do have a little trouble keeping up with his collection as he is constantly trading for different models.  Bill also loves to travel and likes to take the less travelled country roads through France, Italy and Germany, (although usually in a rental car and not a Volvo).

Michelle Dodimead

Associate Broker, Rental Management

Michelle is our newest recruit and became licensed in April of 2012 and then subsequently received her Associate Broker license in 2014.  Her smiling face is generally the first contact prospective tenants will see when viewing our properties.  In her spare time she enjoys crafting, working out or a good long hike.  An avid snowboarder, she honed her skills on the North Shore Mountains.  Michelle is a self confessed fashionista and enjoys a good day of shopping finding that elusive deal.

Bal Kirk, CMA


Bal does her “balancing act” every month and is responsible for overseeing the trust accounting and has been doing so since 1995.  In her spare time she loves to shop with jaunts down to Bellevue, a favourite destination.  In summer months Bal can be seen lounging with friends by a pool in Whistler while the kids enjoy a swim and the husbands are out golfing.

Lorraine Eng

Admin Assistant

Lorraine joined ACD Realty in 1997.  She may well be your first contact when calling our office.  Lorraine too is an avid fisherman and says she has lost more fish than Al has ever caught and could out fish him any day of the week.  Lorraine also loves camping and enjoys a weekend away at a peaceful lake (again with a fishing rod in hand).  Not to be content with just fishing, she also knows many of the great locations for crabbing around the lower mainland.