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Partial Management Services

Partial Management Services

Depending on your Strata Corporation’s situation, you may be interested in only a partial management service, in which we look after the accounting and record-keeping, while the strata council manages the day-to-day affairs of the Corporation. On this basis, we would be responsible for the following functions:


The accounting function would include the collection and deposit of monthly assessments into a separate bank account in your Strata Corporation’s name. We try to have this set up on a direct deposit basis so timely deposits of funds are received. For any Owners that are delinquent, we would follow up with collection letters arrears. Cheques for payments of all invoices and on going expenses are prepared on a monthly basis for the Council’s approval. Copies of all invoices are also kept on file. Operating statements are prepared monthly in addition to an annual budget for the Strata Corporation.


On behalf of the Corporation we would carry out the enforcement of the by-laws, rules and regulations, and would advise on any amendments to the above. We would keep complete records of all the Corporation’s documents by way of filing and storage. We would maintain on a database the owners’ names, addresses, phone numbers, trades list and any other information pertinent to the operation of the Strata Corporation. Regular updates of “information packages” would be available and sent to new Owners.